Community Connection

Neighborhood Watch Information
Establishing a Neighborhood Watch can be a very effective way to prevent crime. The DeKalb County Police Department has excellent resources to assist you in the establishment of your watch program. Please visit their website to gather more information.  Each precinct within the DKPD has a Public Education Specialist who can guide you through the process. They are:

S. Dorcon 678-937-5339

J. Hightower 770-724-7616

S. O’Rear 404-286-7955

P. Middleton 770-482-0328

A. Fowler 404-294-2858

A Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program

  • A person or group of people committed to starting a Neighborhood Watch.
  • A planning committee to initiate the program.
  • A list of what issues initially need to be addressed in your community.
  • A means of communicating with the residents, e.g., e-mail, fliers, telephone trees.
  • Publicity for the initial Neighborhood Watch meeting.
  • A meeting agenda to keep things moving and on track.
  • A place to meet-resident’s house or apartment, community center, school, library.
  • A Public Education Specialist to discuss the crime issues in the neighborhood.
  • A map of the community with spaces for names, addresses, and phone numbers of all households.
  • A sign-up sheet for those interested in becoming block or building captains.
  • Brochures or other materials on topics of interest to the residents.
  • Neighborhood Watch signs to be posted around the community. Some jurisdictions require a minimum number of participants before Neighborhood
  • Watch signs can be posted.
  • Facts about crime in your neighborhood. (These can be found in police reports, newspapers, and residents’ perception about crime. Often residents’ opinions are not supported by facts, and accurate information can reduce fear of crime.)

* Information Provided by: DeKalb County Police Department Crime Prevention Unit